Business oportunities

Having a total area of 90 hectares, the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone offers to its future investors, through public auctions organized periodically, free land for the development of any type of investment project.

The land may be given in a concession for a period of 49 years with the possibility of extension, or may be leased for periods of between 1 month and 5 years, also with the possibility of extension.

Following numerous requests for warehouses, R.A. The Administration of the Free Trade Zone Curtici Arad designed and built a 318 sq m metallic warehouse as well as a paved platform with an area of 947 sq m, both of which are intended to be rented. Both the storage room and the paved platform provide optimal storage conditions and are suitable for the storage of most categories of goods and merchandise.

In addition, The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone Area Administration has modular office buildings of medium size built at the entrance to the Free Trade Zone, which it offers for rental to interested economic agents. Free Trade Zone Land is in close proximity to roads, railways and airways and has all the necessary utilities to carry out all types of activities: drinking water, sewerage, electricity, lighting, telecommunication services and the Internet.

The tariffs applied by The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone, both for concession and for rent, are determined by the Board of Directors' decision. Free Trade Zone Administration on the basis of several factors so as to give future investors the opportunity to start a business on advantageous terms.