The main activity of R.A. The Administration of the Free Trade Zone consists of concession and lease of land and buildings. The concession activity is carried out on the basis of a public tender organized periodically by the Administration. Under the concession contract, one party - the concessionaire - transmits to the other party - the concessionaire - a duration of up to 49 years in exchange for a royalty, land or construction in the free trade zone.

Concession conditions:

The minimum concession period is 10 years and the maximum period is 49 years, with the posibillity of extension .

Concession tariffs:

- for areas smaller than 10,000 sqm: 4,5 euro / sq m / year;

- for areas between 10,000 and 15,000 sqm: 3,5 euro / sq m / year;

- for areas between 15,001 and 20,000 sqm: 2,5 euro / sq m / year;

- for surfaces between 20.001 and 30,000 sqm: 1,5 euro / sq m / year;

- for areas larger than 30,000 square meters: 1 euro / sq m / year.

*Tariffs can be negotiated depending on the surface