The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone offers:

       a. strategic position in western Romania, at the border with Hungary;

       b. greenfield land for any type of investment;

       c. economic and fiscal benefits for business development;

       d. economic, legal and technical advice to investors;

       e. efficiency and professionalism in the relations with the operators in the Free Trade Zone.

1. Strategic geographical positioning

The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone is the only free zone located in the western part of the country on a European road corridor near four customs points. It stretches over an area of 84 hectares and is divided into two platforms:

  • The Curtici platform, located in the vicinity of Curtici, (the most important railway junction that crosses East-West on the Paris - Istanbul route), 15 km away from Arad.
  • Airport Platform,  located in the vicinity of Arad International Airport and the Cargo Terminal.

2. Developed infrastructure

The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone offers its users a developed infrastructure consisting of: drinking water network, electricity network, pluvial sewerage, telecommunications network, internet access, exterior lighting, inland roads, enclosure roads, access to national roads and the highway. In addition, Arad International Airport, in the vicinity of which is the Free Zone Airport platform, provides the users of the Zone, an ultra-modern Cargp terminal with a car service and parking platform for heavy traffic as well as access to the freight aircraft service platform .

3. Favorable location

The favorable location of Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone ensures fast and immediate access to almost all existing ways of communication:

Railway - The town of Curtici is the most important railway junction, which ensures the connection between East and West. Arad is linked to Curtici by a double and electrified railway.

Roads - The connection between Arad and the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone can be made using the county road quickly and efficiently and providing easy access to two trans-European roads that link Romania to Western Europe.

Airline - The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone also includes air transport due to the existence of the International Airport in Arad. The airport is equipped with a take-off and landing track of 2,000 m long and 45 m wide, with a capacity of 27 tonnes of insulated wheel loader.

This allows for a modern and safe transport for both passengers and freight. SC Airport Arad S.A. has completed a state-of-the-art Cargo Terminal with a service and parking platform for heavy traffic as well as access to the Freight Planning Service Platform, a PHARE-funded investment.