County Council Arad

The unit to which is subordinated to R.A. Curtici Arad Free Zone Administration contributes to the promotion of the Curtici Arad Free Zone both at national and international level by promoting it at fairs and conferences and by attracting business delegations from various countries looking for business opportunities or locations investment. The online portal of the Arad County Council,, provides diverse, precise information that comes to both the help of local government officials and potential investors, both updated daily news and other useful data for any visitor which comes from areas such as economic, social, political, administrative.

Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of Arad County

The Chamber of Commerce of Arad has, throughout its entire activity and its own initiatives in order to solve the economic problems. In almost 20 years of activity, EXPO Arad organized annually dozens of fairs and exhibitions and hundreds of private events, managing to permanently consolidate your position and get recognition for everything you do. Proving earnestness and professionalism, EXPO ARAD managed to organize, in an economical context at all times, international events that have become established and are landmarks for many successful businesses.

Agency and Regional Development Agency - Western Region

The main partners of the Curtici Arad Free Zone Administration in their efforts to support and develop the economic and social development of Arad County and the West Region. The Regional Development Agency - Western Region aims to become a professional benchmark of European level that will mobilize political will and will manage competently the financial resources available to support and harmoniously develop our region.

Invest Romania

It is the institution that promotes international, regional and national trade and attracts foreign investment in the national economy as well as promoting the domestic investment climate. Collaboration with this institution over the years has resulted in the realization of international investments in the area of the Curtici Arad Free Zone.