In the Free Trade Zone, all kinds of activities allowed by the law can be carried out, depending on the economic needs of our investors:

• storage, loading, unloading, stacking and running of goods;

• packaging, assembling, conditioning, dismantling, labeling and marking of goods;

• production;

• merchandising;

• provision of technical, economic and legal consulting services;

• domestic and international freight transports and expeditions;

• telecommunication, computerization and computerization services;

• customs clearance and foreign exchange;

• rental of buildings, platforms, storage facilities;

• construction and objectives;

• stock and financial-banking operations.

The Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone has as main objective the attraction of foreign and Romanian investors, in order to develop industrial activity and stimulate the export of processed products. To this end, a number of facilities were designed and implemented to attract and support economic agents who understood the potential of setting up a business within the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone.

• Foreign natural or legal persons have the possibility of transferring capital and profits abroad to the restraint or liquidation of the activity carried out in the Free Trade Zone;

• Investors benefit from the possibility of employing skilled labor from an economically developed county and using its low cost;

• Financial transactions are made in freely convertible currency;

• You can change the origin of the goods;

• Possibility to store goods in warehouses in the Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone and sell them as the market proves to be beneficial to the realization of the anticipated profit; The placement of goods in the free trade zone is unlimited in time;

• Foreign goods introduced into free trade zones, as well as Romanian and foreign goods in free trade zones, which are removed from the country, are not subject to the obligation to file a customs declaration;

• For the period (unlimited in time) while in the free trade zones, the goods stored are not subject to the obligation to declare a customs regime.