logo_1Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone was set up under the Government Decision no. 449 of June 8, 1999 and lies on 90 hectares of green land. It is made up of two platforms; one located close to the town of Curtici, between the railway to Hungary and the 792C county road linking Curtici to Dorobanţi and the other one is located in the western part of Arad city – close to the Arad International Airport rollway.

Compared to other free trade zones in Romania, Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone is the only free zone lying in the western part of Romania, on an European corridor, close to four border customs centers.

The strategic geographic position as well as its lying on an European corridor and the fact that our Free Trade Zone may be reached by using three ways of access make it unique among the other free trade zones in Romania.

Right from the beginning, the image of the Free Trade Zone has been intensely promoted and therefore global companies have invested here.

Due to the satisfying economic environment provided by Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone, both global manufacturing companies from the automotive industry, textile industry, plastics industry, transport and logistics and Romanian companies trading duty-free goods have set up their businesses here.

Should you be interested in the opportunity of extending your activities towards the European markets, the Curtici Arad Free Zone can be a means of increasing the volume of your business transactions:

  • the Free Trade Zone is defined as an enclosure where non-European goods are considered to be outside the EU customs area
  • customs duties are paid only when goods are released for free circulation
  • there is no limit to the length of time goods may remain in the Free Trade Zone
  • there are no duties to be paid for goods which are exported outside the European Union.

Therefore, you can stock goods without paying any duties until the goods are taken out of the Free Trade Zone. Then you will to pay for the quantity of goods that you have decided to trade within the European Union.

If these wares are exported to another destination, duties do not apply; therefore you will not have to block sums of money under any circumstances.

Due to the managerial team’s professional skills and the staff’s creativity, the efficiency and the high quality services, the Administration of Curtici Arad Free Trade Zone provides all its investors the best conditions for setting up a business: favorable location, highly developed infrastructure, economic and legal consultancy and low tariffs.

General Manager

Cristina Elena Bibarţ